team-oliviaOlivia Bryant recently graduated from Stanford University where she studied history and human-centered design with a focus on designing for social change. She is currently working at BCG Digital Ventures as a Venture Architect. Her role involves organizing cross-disciplinary teams to design and build technology ventures in a wide range of markets including the healthcare sector. Olivia is also passionate about inspiring Millennials to use their skills and resources to drive social change and she is co-founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit YCore which creates engaging and high-impact volunteer opportunities for young professionals.

As a long-term Crohn’s disease sufferer, Olivia has significant personal experience with managing chronic disease. She has experimented widely with both traditional and integrative approaches and regularly practices self-care and mind-body techniques to deal with the everyday ups and downs of living with a chronic disease. She is adamant that taking a holistic approach has allowed her to achieve goals that her doctors didn’t believe were possible – such as competing at a national level for triathlon and running varsity cross country for Stanford. Having discovered the power of integrative medicine, she is on a personal mission to empower other chronic disease sufferers with the tools and resource to live a full and healthy life.